Your Own Choice of Private Setting with your Own Private Panchakarma Therapists and Private Chef

This Panchakarma Detox is ideal for the Guest who would like to fly out Panchakarma Therapists to a location of their choice.

The Client pays for:

Dietary Consultation and Ayurveda Consultation before Arrival, organized over the phone before departure.  At least one week prior to treatment commencing.

Traveling away from home:  Pre and post travel –  packing and unpacking and organizing of travel equipment and herbs

Airport – Equipment Baggage fees to and from location.

Airport:  2 Therapists:  Flights

Airport Baggage fees for both Therapists

Airport: Rental Car

Airport:  Travel days –  to location and from location

Accommodation:   Two  Therapists with Treatment Room .  3 Rooms or 2 Bedrooms with large Bathroom to set up Massage Table and equipment.

Treatment Room:  Clean up and Set up of treatment room daily

Food:  Shopping for groceries on arrival – set up of kitchen and daily shopping and cooking

Food:  Personal Chef to prepare daily meals – Meals prepared by Therapists

General:  Daily Cleaning of Space, Daily laundry, daily herbal formulations for treatments, answering of emails and text messages for daily updates.  Flower arrangements daily.

DAILY DETOX TREATMENTS – Up to 4 hours a day.

Daily:  Panchakarma 4 hour Treatment plan

Daily:  Organic Ayurveda Detoxification Meal Plan – Guaranteed for at least 10 pounds of weight loss over 14 day treatment plan. 


Daily:  10am – 2pm – Your Panchakarma Treatment

Daily On arrival: 

30 Mins Consultation and Pulse Diagnosis

1 Hour Ayurveda Massage Treatment with Two Therapists

1/2 Hour:  Ayurveda Treatment specialized to your Constitution – Two Therapists

1  Hour:  Enhancement Treatment – Two therapists


1/2 Hour:  Sensory Treatment to (Ears, Eyes, Nose) and Herbal or Oil Enema

1/2 Hour:  Shower , Light Refreshment on Departure.

On leaving Meals are prepared and boxed for Daily Departure.

Meals include:  No dairy/ No Caffeine/ No Meat/ No Grain/ No night Shades/ No Root Vegetables/ No Gluten

For weight loss program please see above.

Diet is customized individually for you!

Your Daily Meal Plan is ORGANIC and Includes:  If you need more or less we cater for all of your requests and needs, allergies and concerns.

Herbal Liver Tea: x 1

Herbal Detox Tea: x 1

Organic Green Juice x 2

Soup x 2

Vegetarian Dish x 1

Green Salad x 1

Chutney x 1

Salad dressing x 1


Grain dishes:

Kitchari  x 1

Morning Chai Oatmeal with stewed fruit x 1



Hannah Trust: Ayurveda Practitioner Assistant.

Susan Wilesmith: Over 15 years Experience in Ayurveda and Panchakarma Treatments. Ayurveda Chef and Herbal Alchemist. Founder of AlohaVeda Spa and Hawaii State Licensed Massage School.

Susan Wilesmith

Please email Susan Wilesmith (Panchakarma Co-Ordinator) at to book.

Pricing not including Accommodation:  Including tax:

5 Day Treatment Plan : $9,875

7 Day Treatment Plan:  $13,626

10 Day Treatment Plan:  $17,755

14 Day Treatment Plan:  $23,261.00