Twelve Days, 3 Islands


12 Day –  3 Island Workshop (Big Island, Kauai, Maui)  for 3 days each with Kumu Michael Barretto – Born and Raised in Hawaii tracing his Hawaiian Heritage back over 40 generations,  Elder (Kupuna) Kumu – Teacher of this Workshop will deepen your soul, release negative thought processes, connect you to your inner child .  You will have a vast knowledge of Hawaiian Wisdom including memories of the amazing landscapes and ocean.  Hawaiian Culture has a softness which will touch and open your heart.  Our goal is to welcome you into spontaneous freedom so you may enjoy your life fully.  Connect with your ancestors (‘aumakua) and gather insight. “If you don’t know where you are from, you can’t know where you are going.” (Quote from Kumu Barretto) Discover the interconnectedness of all things. When Kumu Michael says, “He Hawaii au,” it means in English, “I am Hawaiian,” but in the Hawaiian language it means, “I am Hawaii.”

“We are all things and all things are us,” he says.

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You can also book time with Kumu Michael for one day only. These shorter sessions will involve visits to powerful spots on Maui like Iao Valley, Kepaniwai the great battleground where spirits still roam, and maybe a trip to The house of the sun – Hale-a-ka-la – where Maui the demigod captured the sun. Our Kumu will share and discuss with you information essential to spiritual growth and beginning to understand the philosophical base for Hawaiian Healing. You will receive Lomilomi in our clinic and a spiritual and energy/healing session (it’s all about the Mana) from Kumu Michael. Call or Contact Us for details.


Hawaiian Healing Herbs – La’au Lapa’au – Old Hawaiian wisdom handed down through the generations. Learn how our ancestors used herbs and energy to heal body and mind.

Lei Making – Discover the calming and giving nature of this craft. Even the rough and tumble Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboys) make lei for relaxation, meditation and giving.

Taro Farm – We’ll visit a Taro patch and you’ll learn the stories of Haloa (the first man) why our culture is so deeply tied to Taro, and how it affects the way we act around each other and in every aspect of daily life

Hawaiian History, Languages and Mythology – We’ll help you understand what went down long ago up till now and how it has affected the Hawaiian thinking and processing.

Hawaiian Healing – From Hawaiian Herbs and healing techniques of old through the evolved healing arts of today. All based on Hawaiian knowledge and ‘ola (life) of our ‘aina (land). Michael will show you several techniques passed down to him by his grandparents and kupuna (elders). Healing through touch, understanding and helping through guided imagery, color seeing and enhancement, Michael will help you see through the cloud and heal yourself so you can help your loved ones.

Connecting to your Ancestors – When we are connected to our past, all things of the future reveal themselves. Our history, our geneology, our ancestors (‘aumakua) are our guides. Learn how to get closer to your ancestors. There is only a very thin veil between us and them. We want to help you see through that veil.

Susan Wilesmith – Lomilomi Massage Therapist and Event Co-Ordinator.  Susan is originally from Australia has lived in Hawaii since 2003.  She has extensive training in Lomilomi Massage received from her Kumu on Kauai in 2005.  Susan and Michael embrace the Nature of the Islands, having lived together on these three Islands, exploring extensively the energies, the plants, mountains, oceans and streams.  “We are passionate about service and sharing our knowledge with others.”  Susan is the founder of AlohaVeda Spa Clinics on Big Island and Maui.


We will be inviting you to join us on a Magical Spiritual Hawaiian Journey.  Rain or Shine Starting at the ankles –  the anchor end point – Hawai’i – The Big Island. Moku ‘o Keawe – Home of the King. We will journey to energetic spiritual points of power. Mauna Kea the tallest Volcano – (Named for our ancestor Wakea, father of the first man Haloa), The Volcano at Halema’uma’u – Home of Pele land creator and land eater. Breaker of hearts, giver of ‘aina; Waipi’o Valley – scene of some of Hawai’i’s greatest battles, The City of Refuge at Honaunau – where a man could be set free of any incursion, Taro Fields – the base of our culture.   Pu’u Kohola (a Heiau built for King Kamehameha), Dolphin Swimming, Swimming with Green Sea Turtles and Manta Ray Night swim. Duration: 3 days.  CONNECTION TO ALL THE GODS


Next the Top Point (Po’o):  Kaua’i:  We will journey to the Spiritual Lele jumping off point of spirits into Po (Place of Afterlife)  – Polihale, Venture thru the Waimea Canyon Trails, visit Heiau (Spiritual Hawaiian Ceremony Places) at the end of the road Ke’e Beach, Bathe in the Cool Ponds and venture forward into the Blue Cave.  These places are ancient and Michael will explain the Hawaiian mythology of each place.  Individually you will feel the power, the mana, the magic and the intensity of the energy, how it will open your intuition, cleanse your soul and connect you deeply to the Aina (The Hawaiian Land).  We will have the opportunity on Kauai to learn Lei Making, weaving, and explore La’au lapa’au (Healing Hawaiian Herbs) on the trails.  We will swim under waterfalls, swim in the ocean, and hike many trails, and visit Hawaiian Salt Pans.  DURATION:  3 days:   – CONNECTION TO ORIGINAL POWER POINT – OLDEST OF ALL THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS.


Last Island:  The Piko (Centre Point) MAUI:  The Piko is the womb, the birthing place, the core.  Maui is surrounded by Islands – Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe and Molokini (together known as Maui Nui) and is the Center Place , the Healing Island.  The place to understand your needs and desires.

We will be exploring and giving you individually LomiLomi Massage, Healing Treatments with Hawaiian Herbs, Michael will share with you his ability to journey you to your Ancestors, to see past the curtain and understand and give color therapy Hawaiian Healing. Michael was also gifted the ability to give bone and muscle manipulation to back and neck, taught by his Grandfather and Father, his grandmother and Kumu (teachers) on Kaua`i.

We will share Sacred Hawaiian ‘awa (kava) to cleanse, purify and remove negative thoughts spirits. You will learn to settle your mind, heart and bones with ‘awa. “Inu i ka ‘awa, loli i ke kuana” Drink ‘awa, attitudes change.

Learn how to Protect yourself spiritually using Hawaiian herbs, rituals and your inner strength. Learn to recognize your weaker points and reinforce them. How to create healthy boundaries in relationships.  How to face fear, and roll when things get tough in life. The Men of Hawaii are connected deeply to both the feminine and masculine energy.  They are courageous , strong and emotionally available.  Balancing Energy, keeping it PONO (righteous)!  Learn the Art of Ho’oponopono (forgiveness) and making it right.

Learn how to heal yourself through Hawaiian Color Therapy and visualization, how to connect to your ‘Aumakua (Your Ancestors) and your Hawaiian Totem Animal for protection and guidance and Mana gathering (Power)!

We will travel to the 7 Pools of Ohe’o in Sacred Hana, the road of many  Waterfalls. We will hike to Iao Valley and Kepaniwai for Ceremony, swim in Waterfalls, snorkel along the west side of Maui, hike to Blow Holes, Sunset or sunrise at Haleakala, (House of the Sun) where the Demigod Maui captured the sun.  DURATION 3 days:  Understanding your needs and desires. CONNECTION TO YOU, CONNECTION TO THE KINGS. We will all connect from the human spirit to the spirit of the land.



Since every one is unique with different budgets and tastes, each individual to be responsible for Accommodation, dietary requirements with their meals and air fares. Every part of this Workshop is an opportunity to go within and explore the journey from the time you leave your house, reach your destination, commence Workshop with us and repeat on your way home.

Every day begins at 8am and ends when it ends.  Some days will begin a little earlier and end a little later depending on what activity we are doing on the day, so please be flexible.

Our Journey Begins on Big Island:  Airport :  Hilo

Next destination:  Kaua’i:  Airport Lihue

Final Destination:  Maui:  Airport Kahului

Cost:  Call for pricing

Extra activities we are happy to help organize along with places to stay and questions.

Please note:  The day that you arrive on each island and check into your accommodations will be a free day. We start the 3 day intensives the next morning.  Your emailed Itinerary will have the dates for which you need to book your flights and rooms for each island and what to bring.  We will be in the ocean, on mountain trails, on top of 14,000 ft and 10,100 ft Mountains and experiencing all the elements. Temperatures will range from Freezing to the high 80’s Farenheit on the same day,  so everything from warm clothing,  summer clothing, and wet gear cover up.  Snorkel and goggles can be hired on the Island and usually Go Pro as well.  Hat, sunglasses, safe sunscreen, good walking shoes are a necessity.


Dates 2019:
Dates Hawai’i Island Kaua’i Maui
April 1st – 12th Hawai’i Island: Arrive April 1 – 2,3,4 Fly to Kaua’i 5 – 6,7,8 Fly to Maui 9 – 10,11,12
April 30 – May11th Hawai’i Island: Arrive April 30 – 1,2,3 Fly to Kaua’i 4- 5,6,7 Fly to Maui 8 – 9,10,11
June 10th – 21st Hawai’i Island: Arrive June 10 – 11,12,13 Fly to Kaua’i 14 – 15,16,17 Fly to Maui 18 – 19,20,21
July 8th: 19th inclusive: Arrive July 8 – Hawai’i Island 8 – 9,10,11 Fly to Kaua’i 12 – 13,14,15 Fly to Maui 16 – 17,18,19
August 12 – 23rd inclusive: Arrive August 12 – Hawai’i Island 13,14,15 Fly to Kaua’i 16 – 17,18,19 Fly to Maui 20 – 21,22,23
September 9th – 20th inclusive: Arrive Sept 8 – Hawai’i Island 9 – 10,11,12 Fly to Kaua’i 13 – 14,15,16 Fly to Maui 17 – 18,19,20


Email for detailed information sheet on Daily Itinerary:  alohaveda@yahoo.com or Click Here!