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Welcome To the AlohaVeda School of Massage. Our goal is to help you become proficient and confident in our chosen field of massage therapy. Here is what your training with Alohaveda will involve:

Hawaii massage therapists must spend at least six months in preparation. You will receive a minimum of 570 hours of training and education.

The 570 hours will include at least 50 hours of physiology, anatomy, and structural kinesiology and at least 100 hours of theory and demonstration. This will include proper massage procedure, techniques and contraindications for specific conditions , condition assessment, hygiene, draping, and record keeping. All massage therapists and apprentices in Hawaii must have this training.

Within those 570 hours, you are also required to complete 420 hours of practical training either as a student at a massage school under the supervision of a massage school teacher or as an apprentice in the State of Hawaii Apprenticeship Program. You can complete this training with us here at AlohaVeda as one of our apprentices.

As a Hawaii apprentice at Alohaveda, you will receive 70 hours of training in clinical operations that will include 30 hours of sanitation and office procedures and 10 hours of record keeping. You will receive 40 hours of advanced techniques training, which consists of 20 hours of observation and 20 hours of consultation. The remaining hours of the apprenticeship will be supervised practice of massage, along with record keeping duties. This entire process must be completed within a time frame of between 6 and 24 months.

Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa,

Susan Wilesmith
Certified Massage Therapy Instructor

Education in Massage Therapy:  570 Hawaii State Recognized hours required in total:

Tuition and Fees:
Deposit and Admission Fee (Non-refundable): $500.00
Administration and supplies (Non-refundable): $507.85
Total Deposit, Admission and Administration fees: $1000.00
Please note that after commencement of courses, No Refunds will be issued
Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology 50 hours
Massage Theory and Demonstration 50 hours
Massage Demonstration 50 hours
Cost for Core @ $24.00 per Required Hour: $3,800.00
Individual classes may be taken on a space-available basis at a rate of $26.00 per required Instructional Hour
Total $4,800.00 including tax


You may complete your required 420 Practical Apprenticeship training at AlohaVeda Massage Clinic

Additional Training that can go towards the Practical Hours:  4 Student Minimum
3 Days per week:  Wednesday to Friday 9 – 5pm
Swedish Massage:  25 hours
Panchakarma Training:  25 hours
Abhyanga Training:  25 hours
Deep Tissue Training:  25 hours
Lomi Lomi training:  50 hours – Demonstrated and Practiced

Happy Course Certificate Recipients


More Information about Tuition and fees:

Please Make payment for the course at least two weeks in advance. We have a NO REFUND policy.  The Administrative fee and Deposit and Admission fee are non-refundable at time of receipt. Course fees are non-refundable at commencement of classes. All course payments must be made in advance. We do not have any payment plans. This is a commitment Course.

Our Policy:

We provide a peaceful learning environment. Any disturbances, aggression, name calling or other disruptive behaviour towards other Students or Teachers, will result that the student involved will be asked to leave without a refund.  When the attitude is corrected the student may continue the Course under guidelines and acceptance of Teachers and Students to welcome the student back.

Once the Apprenticeship paperwork is received back from the Board of Massage, you may begin your accumulation of Practical/Apprenticeship hours at AlohaVeda or any Massage Establishment willing to take on an apprentice of choice.

Signed documents are compulsory before commencing training to understand the rules and regulations of this Course.

To Enroll please call (808) 634-0346.



Susan Wilesmith